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Why should I give permission for my/my child's data to be used in Schoolzine? Why Schoolzine? 

Schoolzine is an application that acts as a hub for our school communication. It is an online platform designed to make it easier for parents to stay engaged and informed.  This includes integrated access to:

    • School Newsletters
    • School Calendar
    • Forms and Documents (eforms)
    • Announcements
    • Absences
    • Bookings for events
    • Surveys and Polls
    • School public website
    • Three Way Reporting

Newsletters can be automatically translated to a language of your choice for easier access to up-to-date school information. Schoolzine is an approved and preferred supplier for Education QLD.

What is the difference between Schoolzine and our current newsletter?

The current newsletter involves a manual process of sending school newsletters via email and publishing to our website. These newsletters are publicly available on our website.

Schoolzine allows for an online creation of newsletters, streamlining the process for creating and sharing this content. As soon as newsletters are published with Schoolzine, they are accessible to the whole school community.

What is the SZapp? How can I access it?

With the SZapp, parents and staff can login with their own Schoolzine account – allowing for easy access to school newsletters and the other previously mentioned items. Parent names and email addresses collected on permissions forms will be securely uploaded to generate SZapp parent logins.

School staff can use the SZapp to broadcast messages to the school community, appearing as a notification on the users' device. There is a passcode required to subscribe – this is 4109 (this could be sent via email if preferred).

Find the SZapp wherever you download apps for your mobile devices (iOS and Android only).

Can Schoolzine be accessed on a PC?

The Schoolzine website can be accessed via PC. However, PCs do not support the SZapp which supports additional functionality, such as the push notifications used to broadcast messages.

Where is this data being stored?

Schoolzine hosts (stores) the data in Australia.

Will personal information submitted through 'forms' be published publicly?

No. Any information submitted via online forms will be stored privately.

Who can access Schoolzine?

Anyone can access and view newsletters via the Schoolzine website.

What if I do not give permission?

All communication from 5 October 2021 will be communicated via Schoolzine.  Hard copies of communications will be available from our school office.

Newsletters will still be available by manually navigating to our school website and following the link to the Schoolzine website.

Does Schoolzine have a privacy policy?

Yes, you view find the Schoolzine privacy policy and terms of use here:

  • Terms of use:
  • Privacy policy:


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Last reviewed 16 September 2021
Last updated 16 September 2021