Classroom Music 

The Runcorn State School  Classroom Music Program aims to: 

  • develop children’s awareness of music 

  • response to music  

  • the development of self-expression and creativity  

 Each student receives a 30 minute classroom Music lesson each week with our Specialist Music teacher. The programs that are delivered follow the Music subject area guidelines of the Australian Curriculum. 

Learning takes place through a variety of activities where the children are taught the basic skills and elements of music - beat, rhythm, pitch, singing, movement, listening, responding, creating and playing. There is a focus on music being enjoyable, fun and engaging.  

Our Music program is very hands on with instruments being incorporated into the weekly lessons. All students from Prep-Year 6 use a range of Rhythmic Percussion and Melodic Percussion. Recorder is introduced in Year 4 to encourage a solid understanding of playing, reading and writing traditional notation. Students from Year 4 will learn Ukulele skills and Year 6 students learn composition using technology such as iPads. 

Junior Choir 

In addition to their weekly music lesson, all Year 3 students come together each week to take part in our Junior Choir where they learn about working together in a group, persistence and how much fun it can be to sing! This experience prepares our students to join our Senior Choir in Year 4.  

Senior Choir 

Students in Year 4-6 can elect to take part in Senior Choir. This choir rehearses before school and has a focus on beautiful and interesting repertoire that develops aural and performance skills. The Senior Choir performs at events throughout the year such as Parades and evening concerts, Remembrance Day, Anzac Day and they also attend Singfest in Term 3. Attendance at weekly rehearsals is a compulsory part of being a member of the choir and assists in preparing for performances.  

Instrumental Music (IM) 

Learning to play a musical instrument is a challenging and rewarding experience. At Runcorn State School we have a thriving Instrumental Music program which offers the opportunities to learn String, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion instruments. The aim of the instrumental music program is to give students the opportunity to learn to play and perform in a group situation.  

Year 3 students are eligible to play a String instrument including: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass. 

Year 4 students are eligible to play a Band instrument including :Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, French Horn, Tuba, Euphonium, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion.  

IM students have a 30 minute group lesson with an Instrumental Music teacher and in addition, all students are also required to join an ensemble (Junior Band, Senior Band, Beginner Strings, or  Senior Strings Ensemble) that perform at events throughout the year such as Anzac Day, parades and evening concerts. Senior Band and Senior Strings rehearse before school. 

Places are limited in these programs therefore places are offered according to ability and the student meeting the selection criteria.  

IM selection process 

Students are considered for selection in the Instrumental Music program if they demonstrate strong musical aptitude in the Selmer Aural test focusing on the areas of beat, rhythm, pitch recognition and melody. The Selmer test is conducted in Classroom music and takes place at the end of Term 2 in Year 2 and Year 3. Children are also checked for their general aptitude to study and their physical suitability to a particular instrument. Students’ interest in the instrument and their ability to commit, with parental support, are also considered. After the completion of the Suitability Assessment, a letter of offer for successful applicants is sent to students and their parents/carers. Please note that students accepting a position on a string instrument in the Year 3 Instrumental Music Program will not be eligible for the band program in Year 4. 

Last reviewed 20 July 2020
Last updated 20 July 2020