Latest COVID-19 Update


Dear Parents and Caregivers

Thank you for your support for our school community during the latest lockdown.

The work that we have done together over the past week, minimising movement, returning to remote learning, wearing masks, and getting tested has meant that the Chief Health Officer has lifted the lockdown in the 11 Local Government Areas.

This is great news and from Monday 9 August 2021 our school will welcome back all students and staff.

Whilst this is welcome news, we will need to implement additional restrictions to minimise transmission and further protect the health and safety of our school community. These additional restrictions will include wearing of masks on school sites for all adults and children in Year 7 upwards and limiting Parents, Carers and other visitors on school sites unless absolutely necessary.

I realise that having Parents and Carers on our school site is part of our school routine and this restriction will be challenging, especially for our youngest students. However, these restrictions are necessary so our students can return to their classrooms from Monday in the safest way possible.

Restrictions on having Parents/Carers and visitors on school sites have been in place in the past, particularly during last year and our school will be reinstating our previous arrangements to ensure students enter and leave schools safely.

If for any reason a Parent or Carer must be on school grounds, you are reminded that you must wear a mask at all times while visiting the school. I have included a detailed plan on how we are implementing the new restrictions. Please read this document carefully. However, I draw your attention to the drop-off and pick-up procedures that include:

Drop off in the morning


  • Masks compulsory for adults.                                                   
  • No parents in school grounds.
  • Do not congregate on school grounds or at gates.
  • Social distancing at all times.
  • Do not access any classrooms or veranda spaces.
  • Gates open: Ardargie Street - in front of office, two pick up gates, double gate, Lampson Street.
Pick up in the afternoon
  • Car pick up - Ardargie Street
  • Pedestrian pick up - Lampson Street
  • Students leaving independently may use the office gates.
  • Prep Parent ONLY may enter via Lampson Street at 3pm and wait at the far end maintaining social distancing.  Teachers will escort students to this pick-up point.

The Department of Education has also asked us implement the following additional restrictions until otherwise advised:

  • assemblies and other large group activities including instrumental music groups, choirs, performances, extra curricula sporting activities, and dancing will not be permitted
  • interschool sport and excursions will not be permitted.

I realise the latest developments may create challenges for families, but please be assured these decisions have been taken as a necessary response to the evolving COVID-19 situation.

The Department of Education will continue to keep me and all principals up-to-date with any further required changes to school arrangements over the coming days and I will continue to provide parents with this information as soon as it becomes available.

Further information for Parents is available in the Department of Education’s frequently asked questions.

I encourage you to stay informed of the latest developments regarding COVID-19 by regularly visiting the Queensland Government’s COVID-19 website.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to work together during these difficult times.

Yours sincerely

Michelle D'Netto


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Last reviewed 09 August 2021
Last updated 09 August 2021